Sounding 9

Sounding 9 – Element Eclipse and Boygravy


Element Eclipse can push himself into pain farther than just about anyone else. He immediately ramps it up by inserting an electrified butt plug and turning up the juice until he howls. Element’s cock also craves masochistic excitement. He reaches for a sounding rod and franticly jerks his cock as the rod goes in. With the sound fully inserted, its tip can’t be far from the steel of the butt plug–just imagine the sensation of energy flowing from ass to cock. Element is then joined by the imposing Boygravy. His hard on can’t be contained by his jock strap; he jerks it hard while ruthlessly sounding Element’s dick. Element responds by boosting the juice again and pummeling the depths of Boygravy’s cock. Finally, they grab a long, hard rod and simultaneously fuck it from each end with their cock holes, triggering an epic crossfire cum shot.


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