Michael Starr – Dildos and Sounding


Open up to a sizzling solo scene featuring the incredible talents of Michael Starr (he was stunning in More Manholes in a scene that Chris Ward personally directed as a tribute to Christopher Rage). Michael performs a solo feat that will either make you pop your cork or run screaming to the hills! He takes a dildo that has been specially made to go down his cock – that’s right! It is about as round as your largest finger and about 1 foot long. Michael fucks his own huge cock with this amazing toy, and his cock gets harder and harder!Then, with this huge dick-dildo drilling out his front side, he takes a major ass toy up his hole. Then he takes a third dildo and forces it down his throat! With all three holes plugged and pummeled, Michael writhes in ecstasy until he shoots a huge load and pulls all the toys from his body. He smiles, knowing that he has just filmed a scene that will go down in history as one of the kinkiest ever caught on dvd!



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