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Sounding: Element Eclipse and Tony Buff


Draped over a floating bondage table, Element’s ass tempts dominant top Tony Buff, who buries his face inside his hung pup’s hairy hole before giving the submissive stud a deep finger fuck—and then feeds his fingers to his sub for a taste of his own ass. After slapping his ass red, Tony turns Element over and corks his hole with a homemade brass butt plug before tightly tying him to the bench, binding his wrists, ankles and knees. With no escape, Element submits to Tony’s control—and gets a urethral sounding rod inserted deep into his rockhard cock. Using alligator clips, Tony then connects the buttplug and urethral rod to an e-stim electric device—punch fucking Element’s prostate with wave after wave of shocking electrical current; Element starts to moan and shake, his thick cock at attention. Alpha male Tony smiles and strokes Element’s cock, jacking his sub and grabbing his balls. “You’re being mean to me today, sir!” says Element, enjoying every second. Tony tortures and twists Element’s nipple, then strokes Element’s electrified cock to a quivering climax.


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