Dominic Pacifico – Sounding Solo

In this sounding solo with muscle daddy Dominic Pacifico, we’re going to watch the legendary porn star fucking his cock with a set of big rods. If you remember, Dominic adores sound play and he has great cock hole stretching videos on his site. We watched Dominic, taking a slender sounding rod, 6 months ago. Meanwhile, he realized another scene, featuring Brian Bonds and his wide urethra. The boyfriend of Brian, Mason Lear also experimented with thick rods in Desert Cock Sounding.

Today, Dominic Pacifico does it hard, with some of the biggest sounding rods we’ve ever seen. He starts with a steel rod, a thin but extremely long toy. He fucks his own cock hole, until his cock becomes extremely hard. The right moment for an even bigger sounding stick – the metal catheter. Dominic slides it down his cock before he starts pissing. Then, he continues with more urethral stimulation until his cock finally spits a huge load of cum.


Dominic Pacifico - Sounding Solo 1

Dominic Pacifico - Sounding Solo 2

Dominic Pacifico - Sounding Solo 3

Dominic Pacifico - Sounding Solo 4

Dominic Pacifico - Sounding Solo 5

Dominic Pacifico - Sounding Solo 6

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